PaySquare Privacy Statement

Your privacy, our responsibility
PaySquare attaches great importance to the privacy and confidence of its clients. Accordingly, it is of the utmost importance that we handle your data with care. Privacy is an essential civil right which quite rightfully enjoys a high level of legal protection. We therefore process your data with the utmost care by, among other things, complying with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act and European legislation. In accordance with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act, PaySquare's data processing is registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority in The Hague. Responsibility for these activities resides with PaySquare SE. The data we collect, the purposes for which we collect it and the manner in which we handle it are detailed in this privacy statement.

PaySquare utilises advanced techniques to prevent its databases from being breached by external parties. Meanwhile, internally the data stored in the databases is only available to staff who actually require it to process your transactions. Furthermore, to assess their competence and integrity, PaySquare carefully screens its staff members who may come into contact with sensitive data. We also ensure that, for instance, credit card numbers are not fully visible in our system: all of the digits bar the last four are replaced with asterisks so that no one is able to see the number in its entirety.

What is your data used for?
If you use services provided by PaySquare or have contact with us, we register your data. We use this data to:

■ assess, accept and connect potential customers
■ amend agreements where necessary
■ conclude agreements and maintain contact with POS suppliers and installers, payment service providers and partners
■ process or arrange for the processing of payments you accept via PaySquare
■ meet our legal and contractual obligations
■ prevent and combat fraud and other criminal offences
■ settle disputed transactions
■ enable the service desk to assist you
■ perform statistical and scientific analyses
■ obtain an understanding of the wishes and requirements of our clients in order to incorporate them into our products and services
■ initiate, coordinate or outsource strategic processes
■ develop targeted marketing activities to maintain or expand our relationships with our clients.

With whom can we share your data?
PaySquare collaborates with other parties, such as payment processors, card companies, banks, and institutions which combat fraud. In some cases, we need to share specific customer data with them. Naturally, we only do this if it is legal and necessary.

Website visitors
In order to maximise the user-friendliness of our websites and provide users with the best possible service, we use cookies to collect information on exactly how the websites are used. This data is collated as opposed to being collected separately for each visitor. Cookies are files that a website you are using instructs your web browser to save to your computer.

PaySquare uses cookies to facilitate navigation around the website and analyse its usage for optimisation purposes. In addition, PaySquare uses cookies to collect information on its clients in order to be able to communicate with them in a more targeted manner, for instance when providing information on our services.

As a user, you are entitled to refuse either all or only specific cookies via the settings in your web browser. (For instructions, see the manual for your web browser.) If you refuse cookies, this may render certain services unavailable to you.

PaySquare is entitled to amend this privacy statement. We would therefore advise you to check our website on a regular basis.